One response to “‘Deep State’ Power Crimes”

  1. Thomas Jackson says :

    Snoopman is the real deal
    This is the most comprehensive work on the reality in which we live that I have read.
    Snoopman gives a detailed framework of the Deep State.
    I would argue that there is another layer behind this polyarchic structure
    The dynastic banking families seem to have uncanny connections at their beginnings to the Lords of the City of London: The Rothschilds. The average American does not know details about the creation of the American Industrial Empire and it’s oligarchic families.
    Nor does the international mass media ever explore the subject of the Patrons of Zion.
    Nor do they ever mention the 54 nation successor of the British Empire: The Commonwealth of Nations.
    Queen Elizabeth is the governing head of The Commonwealth which controls through corporate fascism the economic fate of one third of the people on Earth.
    Queen Elizabeth is the Commander in Chief of four of the intelligence services that are members of the integrated command known as Five Eyes.
    It is through this dominance that the monarchy has infiltrated foreign ministries and the US State Dept and NATO.
    Queen Elizabeth is of course not running the whole show herself and she may be a figurehead for her Royalist “subordinates”
    Do look at the history of Deep State operations relevant to Prince Phillip
    her husband.
    And watch her son carefully!

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