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Saving a Famous Dying Friend

NZ Prime Minister John Key and Fightless Kiwi: Will Fightless Kiwi become a totally captured, docile ‘free market’ bird forever? Or will Fightless Kiwi evolve balls before it’s too late?

NZ Prime Minister John Key and Fightless Kiwi: Will Fightless Kiwi become a totally captured, docile ‘free market’ bird forever? Or will Fightless Kiwi evolve balls before it’s too late?

By Iggy Swind (With additional reporting from Sophia Bigg-Storm)

25 March 2014


Intensive care for a hapless ‘free market’ host population

A famous dying friend, Aotearoa (AKA New Zealand), dear to some, taken-for-granted by many, and mostly owned by one (Her Majesty the Queen AKA ‘the Crown’) has been diagnosed with TPPA cancer.

TPPA cancer is a particularly insidious form of cancer that develops a wealthy investor-friendly economic framework at the expense ordinary people, who become an exploited host population in the malignant phase. TPPA, or Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement for long, spreads through countries first via sponsored politicians, elite bureaucrats and corporate technocrats who meet in secret investor deal-making sessions behind closed doors.

Most doctors regard the TPPA cancer, which has spread to Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam, as terminal.

However, an emergency operation organized by an ‘umbrella’ activist group called It’s Our Future, will take place nationwide in Aotearoa this Saturday, March 29. Simultaneous rallies will occur in 17 towns and cities around ‘the country’, now often referred to as ‘the economy’, at 1PM.

According to many free-thinking scholars, journalists and activists, governments around the world are spreading numerous ‘free market’ cancers as ‘shock therapy treatments’ to discipline mass populaces to submit to the intensive care of a transnational capitalist class.

Associate professor of Law at Auckland University, Dr. Jane Kelsey said, “Armies of corporate professionals, sponsored politicians and elite technocrats are working on what is essentially a global neo-colonial cancer project – AKA globalization”.

Kelsey in Stereo: The activist scholar uses two mics here in an attempt to be doubly heard by the patriarchal mainstream media, well-known among grass-roots organizations for their perennially selective hearing.

Kelsey in Stereo: The activist scholar uses two mics here in an attempt to be doubly heard by the patriarchal mainstream media, well-known among grass-roots organizations for their perennially selective hearing.

‘Free market shock treatments’ initially included lifting financial controls to increase the fluidity of capital flows between countries, the corporatization and privatization of state infrastructure and services, the introduction of user charges, shifting the tax burden ‘downward’, and down-sizing public sector employment. In the wake of the global financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, cut-backs to public sector services were justified with the euphemistic term ‘austerity measures’.

But, like prior ‘free market shock treatments’ since the mid-1970s, key insiders had engineered financial and economic crises as coercive mechanisms to privatize state assets at fire sale prices, when targeted populations were overwhelmed with the sudden, far-reaching economic shocks.

“It’s an ‘economic health’ war inflicted by oligarchs, or the super-rich”, said Dr. Kelsey. “The oligarchs of the transnational capitalist class use ‘shock therapy’ to ensure their domination over the planet’s host populations are permanent.”

According to Dr. Kelsey, these ‘shock therapy treatments’ are deployed with an austerity injection known as New Constitutionalism 3.0, which seeks to expand markets by locking in the changes within supra-national jurisdictions, thereby restricting the democratic participation of the nationally-based host populations.

“What Fightless Kiwis don’t realize is that the New Constitutionalism 3.0 Austerity Injection is embedded into the strategy to spread the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement cancer,” said the Auckland University law professor.

“In a nut-shell, New Constitutionalism 3.0 is a 3rd generation cellular vector that changes the constitution of the host population, who become more and more constipated as they are force-fed public relations Newspeak, slick corporate marketing and ‘freedom’ propaganda to mask-over a dry diet of artificial political substance abuse,” Kesley added with a wry smirk.

It’s this constipation that makes the host population vulnerable to ‘free market’ era cancers like TPPA, says Dr. Kelsey.

“In other words,” explained the activist scholar as we boarded a chopper in the city of Hamilton in New Zealand’s North Island, where she had been attending a logistics meeting for the nationwide rallies, “governments are transferring a level of sovereign power to a global investment class who are gaining a commercialized form of sovereignty.”

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key stated glibly, “I’m not worried about trading away a very small amount of sovereignty.” But, then as he thought of himself, he said grinning, “With a net worth of $50 million, I stand to make fuckloads of bucks from the new investment opportunities that will come once we dismantle pesky legislation that protects whining workforces, complaining consumers, and nancy nature.”

Between co-organizing the 17 rallies taking place around Aotearoa under the banner of It’s Our Future, Dr. Kelsey has a busy schedule teaching law to students at both introductory and post-graduate levels.

Over the helicopter coms, the long-time activist-scholar continued, “With their new commercial rights, wealthy investors will be able to sue governments in secret supra-national tribunals if the host populations attempt to keep protections for labour, human and indigenous rights in place. Under the TPPA, wealthy investors will also be able to use the secret tribunals to roll-back environment, commercial and social justice laws.”


Shock Treatment for TTPA Cancer

Dr. Kelsey says active treatment of public protest, community education and strident media debate can send the TPPA cancer into remission, or kill it off entirely.

As Prime Minister Key stabbed a roast kiwi with a fork at a business breakfast sponsored by the ANZ bank, he scoffed at plans of counter-treatment for TPPA-cancer saying they were, “just more silly socialist intervention”.

SsshhHH! New Zealand Prime Minister John Key signals to the news media to keep docile Kiwis emotionally distracted with personal tragedies, fraudsters and celebrity spats.

SsshhHH! New Zealand Prime Minister John Key signals to the news media to keep docile Kiwis emotionally distracted with personal tragedies, fraudsters and celebrity spats.

Cutting into the dead bird’s fleshy breast, Key added, “Look, my advice to hard-working Kiwi families is the same as what I gave on TV3′s breakfast news during the TPPA conference held at the Sky City Convention Centre in December 2012 – ‘Ignore the protestors’.”

“The trouble is”, says Dr. Kelsey as her eyes went cross-eyed to mock Key’s distaste for free-range Kiwi dissent, “Aotearoa is populated with anti-protest bodies known as Fightless Kiwis that compromise the effectiveness of Aotearoa’s immune system. So, when Fightless Kiwis hear John Key say ‘Ignore the protestors’, they obey as if the prime minister has ‘Simon Says Powers’ and re-act out old irrational fear scenes from their formative years and ‘think’ that if they listen to reasoned dissent, there will be economic hardship. Why? Because ‘free market’ capitalists, with their ‘Simon Says Powers’ amplified by the news media, have everyone believing there’s no other way to organize society.”

As Key ripped the wings off the roasted iconic native flightless bird on a china plate made in Taiwan, he added, “It’s better for the ruling class if hard-working Kiwis keep their apathetic bums up and their beaky noses at the leafy worm-litter face. If mass mobilizations occur, democracy’s aging bones begin to creak and it makes my job harder to say on More FM, we have an aviandate to spread TPPA-cancer called the Forest & Bird Election.”

According to Dr. Kelsey, Fightless Kiwis are easily identifiable by their temerity in business, but when it comes to participating in the political life of New Zealand society, they lack belief in themselves and one other to question ruling class agendas.

“When we ‘agents of change’ try to talk to Fightless Kiwis, say at barbeques or wakes, about challenging the status quo”, said Dr. Kelsey, “or being involved in paradigm-changing community projects that build in resilience to transition to a self-determining society, they go silent. You can almost see the life go out of their eyes and their faces say ‘Nup’ without a word passing their lips. It’s amazing and frustrating to witness.”

As the chopper followed State Highway One to the New Zealand economy’s agglomerated ‘Super City’, Auckland, a route that was originally built as a military road to wage a racist war to steal land from the native Maori population in the 1860s, Dr. Kelsey explained the typical conditioned behaviours of Fightless Kiwis after three decades of ‘free market’ consumerism. “The only things Fightless Kiwis believe in are what the woolyvision distracts them with. One minute, they want CokeVBull, nec minute XStationPlayBox. And nec minute, when they think they’ve grown up, they think Key DotCliffe will be the answer to all their vague thoughts about their needs, rights and aspirations.”

“It’s telling that most Fightless Kiwis haven’t even heard of the TPPA cancer,” yelled Dr. Kelsey as we jumped out of the chopper at 500 feet without parachutes to save time.

Dr. Kelsey was cutting it fine to give a lecture. As she ran for the Intellectual Property Lecture Complex at Auckland University, I asked Dr. Kelsey if she had any last requests to make of Fightless Kiwi anti-protest bodies.

She sighed, and said, “For what it’s worth, please help me save a famous dying friend, Aotearoa, by getting your systemically apathetic feathered rumps onto the streets with signs that show you know what’s at stake before you become Caged-raised Kiwi Steak.


Iggy Swind has worked alongside reporter Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and photojournalist Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. Swind investigations proved both super-heroes work undercover for the Hollywood media cartel to distract their mass audiences with their mediocre ‘saving the world’ sagas, leaving those that run the world at-large. Those investigations have been suppressed.

American journalist Sophia Bigg-Storm tried to break the story that World I and World II were conjured by an Anglo-American Brotherhood who conspired to dominant the world by controlling oil and finance, through a system enforced by military aggression, subversion and other intrigues. Her sleuth-work was supported by William Engdahl, author of works such as, Gods of Money and A Century of War; and also by Guido Giacomo Preparata, who wrote Conjuring Hitler. Bigg-Storm’s investigations were suppressed by her former employer, The National Enquirer.


Clipping Queen Bee’s Wings: Lorde’s real Grammy speech suppressed

Lorde Censored: Behind the suppression of the Queen Bee's Grammy speech

Lorde Censored: Behind the suppression of the Queen Bee’s Grammy speech


  • Front-page news in New Zealand
  • Lorde’s censored handwritten Grammy speech
  • Full Transcript (with citations) of Lorde’s speech

See: Lorde Censored: The Queen Bee’s Suppressed Grammy Speech http://wp.me/p3PDmH-7j

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By Iggy Swind

6 February 2014

Also see Snoopman News for the inside story behind Lorde’s meteoric rise, “Queen Bee Mentor: The professor who fed Lorde’s mental buzz”, and “Lorde’s Suppressed Grammy Award acceptance speech (Full Transcript)”.

Mental chain reaction

The singer-songwriter Lorde shocked USA America’s music industry when accepting her second miniature gold-coloured gramophone for the night at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday January 26 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The shock was not because the singer-songwriter won two Grammy awards, Best Solo Pop Performance and Song of the Year, for her hit single ‘Royals’.

Rather, it has emerged that Lorde delivered a lecture-like speech that was a scathing indictment of global capitalism. But, the apparent ‘live’ broadcast had a one-minute delay and was switched to a ‘rehearsal take’ that had been shot earlier.

All of the nominees had been filmed earlier as a precaution, so that if any winners talked for too long or if their speeches or outfits revealed contents that breached its censorship rating, the Grammy’s studio could edit such moments without the wider world being any wiser. The near-seamless insertion of the ‘rehearsal take’ occurred after a wide-shot of the auditorium as Lorde, and her Grammy co-winner Joel Little, made their way up the steps to the stage.

Evidently, Lorde, whose real name is Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, was miffed about the introduction of a ‘rehearsal take’ and prepared a lengthy speech. Yelich-O’Connor’s unexpected oratory nuclear-bomb shell nearly exploded the subterfuge of the ruling class both present and absent, and that of their media-guardians that watch over the White House-Hollywood Military-Media Complex.

Royal Lecture: Ella Yelich-O'Connor A.K.A. Lorde educates  elites at the 56th Grammy Awards.

Royal Lecture: Ella Yelich-O’Connor, A.K.A. Lorde, educates elites at the 56th Grammy Awards on ‘the death star’ that is global capitalism.

The video, which initially kept getting taken down on You Tube, (and is currently going viral on the web), shows that at first the elite of the USA America music industry gathered at the Staples Center, a sports stadium, laughed, when Lorde said in seventeen year-old Emo-speak, “Thankyou everyone soo much for making this song explode because this world is mental.”

However, as Lorde, who is from the South Pacific nation of New Zealand, continued, she split her audiences’ mirthful consensus in half like Ernest Rutherford let loose in an atomic laboratory. “Planet Earth is run by psychopaths that hide behind slick marketing, ‘freedom’ propaganda and ‘economic growth’ rhetoric, while they construct a global system of corporatized totalitarianism”, said the singer-songwriter as she eyed the music industry audience.

When the cameras cut to the audience, the mood in the room had swiftly changed as the mental atom-ripping shockwaves smashed past their inner ears to their frivolous pop-culture loving brains.

The sequence of shots showed there was a mixture of emotions from hearty-joke enjoyment and uncomfortable status-conscious giggles, to gob-smacked compliant shock and, most entertaining of all, outraged anger emoticon-like faces, that gave the sense of being mentally-wired to stock-market indices and law-suits. The giggling music stars included Katy Perry and Beyouncé, who were both busted by cameras snatching looks at incensed people who are paid a lot to care about USA America’s music industry cartel, which is dominated by a handful of transnational corporations.

Yelich-O’Connor told her captive and now quiet audience that a USA American journalist called Chris Hedges had recently reported that a corporate form of totalitarianism was responsible for what she said the news media was hiding: the rapid militarization of the planet to gain permanent dominance over the world.

The newly-gonged singer-songwriter implored the audience to see a comparison between today’s capture of power by the super-rich and the politically and militarily powerful, and capture of power over city states and nations by monarchies in former times. It was a scene reminiscent of the marionette puppet movie, Team America, wherein Broadway actor Gary Johnston, who is the newest recruit to the paramilitary anti-terrorism force, Team America, implores an audience of world leaders to unite against terrorism by drawing on a philosophical speech that a drunk had told him in a bar. However, the puppet Gary Johnston had failed to research USA America’s history in state-sponsored terrorism, whereas Lorde had done her homework. She appeared to be attempting to use the media propaganda system to reach the mass audience, rather than those that filled the room.

Who rules the world now?

Who rules the world now? Lorde attempts to reach the world mass audience.

“Can we not imagine that in past times”, said Lorde, eyeing her music contemporaries in the front rows, “simple folk found it hard to work out exactly how they were being manipulated by the Royal monarchies, and the Papal monarchy, who claimed a ‘divine right to rule’? Ordinary people from classical times, through to the demise of the Ancien Regime could not see how the rivalrous network of elites and oligarchs were linked, not least because the illiterate masses were indoctrinated to believe in their humble lot, to obey divinely-endorsed authority and to live in fear of damnation.”

Who rules the world now? Yelich-O'Connor compares monarchs and transnational capitalists.

‘Lorde’ compares monarchs from the olden days to today’s transnational capitalists.

At this point, many were enjoying the unexpected lecture from pops’ newest Queen pip-squeak. “So, in today’s mental world, it should become clearer now that Planet Earth is ruled by super-wealthy people, who use their outrageous fortunes to steer the trajectories of whole societies for their own material and political gain.”

“Only ‘Queen Bee’ Lorde could have said that”, said a New Zealand university professor of the History of Nearly Every Hierarchical Civilization Since Sumeria, Dr. Harry Hiveman, who unofficially mentored Yelich-O’Connor in capitalism’s “dark-side” in 2011. Hiveman, who gives the academic habit of making rabbit-ear marks with his index-fingers when speaking in euphemisms and using jargon, refers to capitalism as “the death star”.

Yelich-O’Connor “followed her nose” one summer day in early 2011 as Dr.  Hiveman was in his office preparing for the start of the university year. The singer-songwriter, who grew up in a posh vintage North Shore suburb called Devonport in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, was looking for answers to “but, why?” questions buzzing in her mental space to do with economic inequality she had noticed on ‘the North Shore’.

“Because she found me, and was willing to do what few Gen Y’ers are willing to do – read during their holidays about ‘doom and gloom’ stuff – she was able to let her mind explode on that sports stadium stage three years later”, said the Auckland University professor.

Cynthia Overlord, who is the director of Limelight, a network marketing company that sells female fashion products, including make-up, enthused about Lorde’s  suppressed Grammy speech. “Her fearlessness to say what all Aotearoans of her generation are thinking is why she deserves to led the sales surge in purple finger-nail paint”, beamed Overlord, who made smiling look hard.

Aotearoans are middle-class New Zealanders who have been indoctrinated by mainstream media missionaries to believe that because they regularly follow ‘the news’, this makes them well-informed. The term references Aotearoa, which is original native Mäori name for the North Island of New Zealand and translates to mean ‘the land of the long white cloud’. ‘Aotearoa’ is now commonly used to refer to the whole country because the climate has changed to windy overcast days during the brief summer holiday break when most New Zealanders go ‘outside’.

Hiveman, who was once married to Overlord, sniggered when he heard Overlord “try to spin” Lorde’s speech into a marketing opportunity for Limelight to exploit the ‘Lorde-look’. “Does Cynthia Overlord really believe that Lorde’s purple finger-nails have the magic to solve Aotearoans’ inter-generational malaise”. (Upon divorce, Cynthia Hiveman resumed the use of her family name, Overlord).

Royal Nails: Could Lorde's famous purple nails reboot the New Zealand economy for the middle class?

Royal Nails: Could Lorde’s famous purple nails reboot the New Zealand economy for the middle class?

Overlord is the chairwoman of the Aotearoa Rich Reaction, a group that promotes consumerism as a means to sustain prosperity based on the idea that spending keeps everyone in jobs and therefore well-off and happy.

“I think”, continued Hiveman, smiling as he began to rant, “Cynthia and the well-meaning people who support Aotearoa Rich Reaction are misguided if they believe that such fleeting boosts to consumption will lift their middle-class lifestyle boats. Their snobbery and squeamishness means they avoid at all costs having their deluded consumerist bubbles burst, even when it’s spelled out to them. Like typical bourgeoise, they don’t want to admit that long-term, their strategies for financial independence are ultimately futile, as long as the criminal groups running the world are left intact.”

Hiveman says Aotearoans, like their bourgeoise counterparts in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, would rather get cancer than acknowledge a new economic war has been in play since the early 1970s.

He paused. “They like to believe that their kids are better educated. In a way, some are.”

Aotearoans have music to form school bands, languages to travel with and well-resourced science experiments, Hiveman explained.

“But”, qualified Yelich-O’Connor’s mental-buzz mentor, “they also have sanitized history to misinform their bourgeoise worldviews”.


Journalist Iggy Swind has worked alongside reporter Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and photojournalist Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. Swind’s investigations proved both super-heroes work undercover for the Hollywood media cartel to distract mass audiences with their mediocre ‘saving the world’ action sagas, leaving those that run the world at-large. Those investigations have been suppressed.


To read Lorde’s censored handwritten Grammy speech; & Full Transcript (with citations) of Lorde’s acceptance speech; and Front-page news in New Zealand see: Lorde Censored: The Queen Bee’s Suppressed Grammy Speech at https://snoopman.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/lorde-censored-the-queen-bees-suppressed-grammy-speech/

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